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Phaos introduces new template engine

World of Phaos 2.1.0 on it’s way, with a new customized template engine and more!

That’s right, introducing an easy way to assign template data and use IF statement syntax for creative thinkers! I couldn’t have made it any easier or less familiar! *wink@phpBB*

What’s it look like lately?

OMG, those are big owl bears!

Since the full integration of World of Phaos with our community forums running phpBB forum software, I so far improved many things. Some of which may not be visible while playing and others you just can’t miss:

  • Login security and cookie management,
  • Banking currency exchange (game coins to forum coins)
  • 7×7 grid map instead of the old boring 5×5
  • or how about the maps and item guides, I’m sure those help out!
A sort-able character inventory

But will it ever be enough? To be honest, probably not. Especially with just me working on the game! However, I may have thought of a way to possibly bring more attention to our project. Here is what’s been accomplished in the last few weeks and on the way soon:

  • A new language class, and an entire rewritten $lang array file that is as easy to edit as any phpBB language file, this is so that translations can be easily edited for all languages around the globe.
  • A new template class, that assigns variables in the (now separate) php files and parses them to the newly created style templates. A default folder as been added, including all the new templates. See first pic.
  • More constant variables are being added, where the values will control game options, set by the admin
  • An easy to setup protected config file, that allows the phpBB integration on your forum!
Combat has a bit of a new feel this version.

What does this all mean? It’s means, I am gearing up to make this game a full install package for other forums, where only your registered members may login! Database tables along with the entire install package will be available, as soon as I can get help or finish myself. It will require phpBB forum software as it already utilizes its password encryption.

Still in dire need of monster images if there are any artists out there who just want to get their name out, contact me!

Now featuring a player list so that you can rank among your friends!


Please show your Phaos support, thank you!

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