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Phaos Under New Development

Welcome to the home of the most recently updated World of Phaos RPG online game. WoP for short, is an old-school online role-playing browser game written in mostly PHP. No software to install, this is a browser-ready, now a multiplayer community forum game with exchangeable forum currency (gold coins). Players may explore a expandable world of over 100+ monster types, complete quests & find or trade gear on the public market or post in trading Cavern as auction topics!

Original author: Zeke Walker. Now developed & hosted by us,, since 2016!

7x7 sq grid - World of Phaos
Click to play World of Phaos now!

Registering to play is free and easy! Because of full phpBB forum integration, you only register once on our forums, confirm by email and login to play. We promise, you’ve never seen a World of Phaos like it!
Check out some game item links that now build from the gear and item database tables below.

Characters | Monsters

Armors | Boots | Gloves | Helmets | Potions | Shields | Spells | Weapons



Read v1.0 patch notes (Fixes, quests, multiplayer view, arena removed)
Read v2.0 patch notes (HUGE patch, PHP7+, map grid, multi lang support)
Read v2.0.1 patch notes (Full phpBB forum integration, accounts & currency)

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