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Displays current online status of users in member list, team page, profiles, posts & messages. Display will honor all settings, user and group permissions.

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*Free version, does not implement user online indicator on the member list, team page, or group page.


phpBB Compatible: 3.2.x
Supported Styles:
Included Language Packs:
Arabic, Chinese(traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


Jan 6, 2018

  • Renamed, by adding ‘Extended’ to differentiate the new template additions.
  • Removed, phpBB 3.1.x compatibility. (Sorry 3.1 phpbb users, we continue to move forward and suggest you upgrade to 3.2!)
  • Fixed, will no longer display itself, unless ‘Enable display of user online/offline information’, is enabled ‘Yes’ in ACP->Load Settings.
  • Added, ext.php to enforce 3.2 use only.
  • Added, migration to make up-gradable from Online Status 2.0.0 original extension.
  • Added, a constant awareness of user and group permissions. In other words, will always honor all settings and permissions. (ie. ‘Hide my online status’ user board preference, ‘Show hidden users’ group permission,
    ‘Enable display of user online/offline information’, ACP->Load Settings option.)
  • Added, online status to all users on the member list, group and team pages.
  • Added, additional language packs in addition to English.

TIP: Easily disable individual pages by renaming the appropriate template/event/ in this extension and purge cache after.


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