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RateKit Script Author: andfinally
Bootstrap jQuery Author: Kartik Visweswaran

Allow users to instantly leave a star rating for topics, and display an average rating! RateKit is an easy-to-use, ultra low maintenance PHP and jQuery plugin. Tracks by visitors’ IP address and stores ratings in a local SQLIte database using phpBB’s topic id to track each topic. When it loads, it checks for existing ratings of that topic. If an IP address has rated before, it will not allow another vote. Star color and size are customizable inside the common language file. Administrators may set user permissions to use RateKit, and/or hide in selected forum categories. It almost takes zero skill at all to operate!


Language: English
phpBB Compatible: >=3.2
Supported Styles: ALL

TIP: Make compatible with Precise Similar Topics extension, read more..


Jan 20, 2018

  • Fixed: Bug reported that sometimes topics were not opening in version 1.2.0 using phpbb 3.2.2
  • Added: ACP option for disabling Ratekit on Locked, Global, Announcement and/or Sticky topics.
  • Moved: Top both top & bottom templates in viewtopic, to before post buttons.
  • Changed: Templates for all styles. Migration removes /prosilver/ from this extension and /all/ folder in this package.
  • Tweaked: CSS to reflect some template changes and to float the ‘Overall’ to the right in view topic, plus other mobile enhancements.


Dec 16, 2017

  • Added: ACP RateKit Module -> Settings tab, admins may now hide completely in selected forums.
  • Added: User role permissions -> Post tab, admins may now control who may use RateKit.
  • Added: An on-hover pop up notification for users without permissions to rate topics.
  • Moved: ‘Overall Rating’ text in view forum to a on-hover pop up, to conserve space. (idea by clight77)
  • Changed: Removed ‘Overall’ stars from Global, Announcement and Sticky topics using basic template vars.


Sep 4, 2017

  • Fixed: Now displays properly on search topic rows.


Aug 31, 2017

  • Added: andfinally updated script to present the “Average and total reviews”
  • Added: Each topics’ “overall star rating” in viewforum.php (idea by clight77)
  • Added: phpBB version_compare for >3.2, ext.php
  • Changed: Some of the original bootstrap, ‘pop-up’ text.


Aug 14, 2017

  • Added: Protection from bots rating topics.
  • Fixed: Rating data stored as official topic id now, no longer the post id.
  • Moved: Star rating from within the first post, to above and below the post buttons.


[*] Download the latest release.
[*] Open README.md file with in package and follow easy instructions.


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